Exeloume – Return of the Nephilim (ViciSolum Productions – 2013)


How to follow up the brilliant, thrashtastic debut that was Fairytale of Perversion?

Exeloume has opted for more of a death metal sound on this EP and shifted away from the excellent and vibrant production of the debut for a cleaner and more sterile sound, reminiscent of certain successful Swedish acts. The songwriting has also turned towards death metal, the chugga chugga thrashing is all but gone.

The EP starts off with “Carrie”, a fast, pulsating, well composed song. The vocals don’t do much, and the guitars by themselves are not that interesting, but the rhythm section has got it covered on this song. Prepare for massive headbanging!

Next up is “Devoured”, which is the most interesting and creative song on the EP. I can’t really picture this song as great live song though. The slightly weird rhythm of the song is interesting at first, but is pushed too hard and gets tiresome before they let it go.

“Son of Euphrates” has a slight change of pace and sound, which is very welcome after the intensity of the opening tracks. I don’t care for vocals without melody, enough said. The most exiting riff is the one backing the guitar solo. It seems a bit of a waste, but the great solo makes up for it. This song also feature some nice double guitar work.

The title track finishes off this four song EP. The main riff is awesome, but the unimaginative vocals kind of ruins the song a bit. This song could have been so good, the riffs are great, solos are amazing, the rhythm section is solid, but the vocals … the vocals …

To sum up a bit. I’m not a fan of the sound / production on the EP, which ruins it quite a bit for me. The rhythm section is as tight as you could want it, even though the production completely ruins the bass sound, and as you might have noticed, I’m no fan of the vocals. The songs show great potential, but they don’t have the guts, playfulness and sweet sweet hooks, which made Fairytale of Perversion so amazing.

Rating: 3 / 5


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