Inquested – Vulture Valley (2013)


Vulture Valley is the second release from Norwegian thrashers Inquested. I can easily imagine a great future for Inquested, the potential for this band is huge, but they are not quite there yet.

Individually the songs on this EP are strong, catchy and hard-hitting headbanging tunes. As a whole, it doesn’t really work that well. The sound and structure are so similar that it’s hard to keep the songs apart, and here are a few things that just bothers me with this EP. Like the vocals, I like an angry scream as much as the next thrasher out there, but when there is nothing but angry screaming, it kind of feels fake, somehow. I wish that they would use some of the great potential within their own riffs and rip out some melody for the vocals as well. My last complaint is the guitar solos that never really fit with the rhythm section and the overall feel of the song. It’s speed and technique, more than feel and melody, but I bitch and moan about this with most new thrash bands.

On a more positive note, the riffs are amazing. They’re creative, fun, hard-hitting and makes for great headbanging. The amazing riffs are what really makes Inquested stand out in a sea of mediocre new thrash bands. The opening track: Kill the Messenger, is without a doubt the best track on the EP, with a killer riff and great overall feel.

If you are truly interested in exploring new thrash bands, then I would strongly recommend Vulture Valley. If your just curious about some new music, or just need something to bang your head to, check out Kill the Messenger and the title track.

Rating: 3 / 5


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