Doyle – Abominator (Monsterman Records 2013)



Doyle Wolfgang van Frankenstein should be a familiar name to punk rockers, and to most metalheads with any kind of interest in Danzig or The Misfits. Doyle was the guitarist of the final days of the Danzig-lead Misfits and of the Michael Graves era. Wisely, I would say, he has not contributed to his brother’s (Jerry Only) rape of their common legacy, but that is another story. This is about the Annihilator-wielding monster guitarist Doyle.


To my knowledge, this is only the second release Doyle has put out after the split with the Misfits. His last effort came about through the intervention of Glenn Danzig and was perhaps never meant to be a real comeback for Doyle. However, the reviews were mixed and promotional efforts small, and nothing much came of Gorgeous Frankenstein. So this might be considered a second attempt.


The songwriting is reminiscent of both 90’s Misfits and Gorgeous Frankenstein. Short, energetic, sing / scream along horror punk. All the lyrics are horrible (see, I can make puns too), some are a bit too much for me personally; they are all guts, ghouls and sexual deviances of the macabre kind.


The vocals threw me a bit at first, Alex Storys vocals are bit grittier and more aggressive than Landon Blood (Gorgeous Frankenstein) and Michael Graves (the Misfits), both of whom have a more operatic approach. Bass duties are handled by “Left-Hand” Graham, the bass sound is deep and rumbling, and has proper bass-lines and not just pumping away like most punk bassist tend to do. The drums are manned by long-time collaborator Dr. Chud. But it is the sound of Doyle’s famous Annihilator signature guitar that dominates the sound.


Highlights are Abominator, Dreaming Dead Girls, CemetaryseXXX and Headhunter. Just the right amount of hilariousness and horror, and catchy as all hell (I did it again).


When this review was written no distribution deal has been announced, but both a digital version and CD version are available on Doyles official website


Rating: 4/5


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