Evile – Skull (Earache 2013)


Evile seems to have come into their own, so to speak. Skull is in many ways a departure from their earlier sound. One might say that they have left the «…and Justice for All»-sound behind and swapped it for more of a «Master of Puppets» meets «Rust in Peace» sound.

I’ve enjoyed Evile’s music since I was introduced to their debut Enter the Grave when it was released, but sometimes I felt bored with their sound. Especially Matt Drake’s vocals tested my patience from time to time, and the way all their material blended together also annoyed me. So a slight change in sound and songwriting style is very welcome in my view.

The title track, Skull, is an amazing show of force. Great riffs follow each other, and the vocals sound great. New Truths, Old Lies features some amazing guitar solos by Ol’ Drake. In fact most the guitar work is excellent throughout the record. There is no denying Ol’s skill and talent, and it’s a shame he has left the band. This album is really boiling over with great headbanging tunes. The Naked Sun is another great song. I also thoroughly enjoyed Words of the Dead. Not to forget the great riffs of Underworld and Outsider.

Some of their old sins still plague this album though. They have a tendency to repeat themselves to the point that it becomes tedious, and on this album this problem surfaces in Tomb and What You Became.

Evile is often criticized for being a Metallica knock off, I can hear it, but it doesn’t bother me. There is no need to invent the wheel a new, at least not when the wheel sounds like this! Just enjoy Evile’s finest release to date!

Rating 4/5


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