Megadeth – Super Collider (Universal 2013)


I think Dave should slow down, take some time to build up some nice hatred, skepticism and make some new enemies. Post comeback Megadeth has been a roller coaster ride with great heights and unbelievable lows. The worst of them all was Thirt3en, my God, that was a bad, bad record. I can honestly say that the last record and this one are the lowpoints in Megadeths catalog. There isn’t much to remind one of the great tunes that has left Mr. Mustains pen over the last three decades. But I believe in Dave, I believe he can still make some great riffs, some headbanging beats and rocking melodies, sadly they are lacking on Super Collider.

I have to give props to Dave for King Maker, which is a song of classic Megadeth sound and quality. It’s a fast paced, in your face thrash, and (and this is important) the lyrics aren’t totally predictable and cliché. I’m not usually that concerned with lyrical themes, but predictable, cliché and banality in lyrics are a big no no.

I’m not going to go through this album song by song like I usually do, that would end up with med repeating the words “disappointment, mediocre and predictable, but nice guitar work” a whole bunch of times. Instead I will just comment on the few songs that made me react in some way. First off, the opener, King Maker, is solid with a classic Megadeth feel, as mentioned above. The title track, and also the first single, reminds me of 90’s Def Leppard. I think it’s got something to do with the riff and vocal melodies.

Built For War starts off great then just sinks into mediocrity, the main riff is a good example of what I love about Megadeth, but as a whole the song isn’t good enough. David Draiman lends a hand on Dance in the Rain, which is among the better songs of the album, a proper heavy metal song. Don’t Turn Your Back … has potential, but it seems like Dave couldn’t be bothered to finalize the writing process.

The closer is a Thin Lizzy cover of the great song Cold Sweat, but for some reason it sound like a Jeff Waters / Annihilator song, not a Megadeth song or a Thin Lizzy song.

Super Collider is a mediocre Megadeth album, the songwriting seems uninspired and half assed, but it sounds good. Johnny K. did a good production job, that must be said, and as always the guitar work is stellar, especially Chris Broderick’s solos are amazing.


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