Heidra – Sworn to Vengeance (2013)

Heidra - Sworn to Vengeance


The Danes in Heidra show of their Scandinavian heritage on this EP. Their music is mostly rooted in the Scandinavian power metal sound.

Opening track, Kinsmenn, has a Finntroll-type folk metal meets Stratovarius or Hammerfall power metal, with hints of Norwegian / Swedish black metal thrown in there. It’s a bit cheesy, but all in all a fun song.

The title track is a real killer. Power metal with sprinkles of folk is the main sound, but there is little hints of Gothenburg melodic death metal in the vocals. The final track Where Darkness Dwells is the weakest of the three songs on here, but it’s still pretty good. But after just three songs it gets a little stale and old. If they took it a bit further and differentiated a bit more, even though they mix different styles together, it gets predictable … fast.

The EP sounds good, the production is excellent. The songs by themselves sound great. I will definitely follow this band in the future.


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