Vulture Industries – The Tower (Season of Mist 2013)

Vulture Industries - The Tower

This is the third release from Vulture Industries, and their first on French label Season of Mist. It is also the first of their albums not to feature Norwegian actor Helge Jordal on the cover.

It’s kind of difficult to describe what genre they play, but a few things are certain; it is type of metal, it’s progressive, it’s theatrical and it’s weird. It’s also quite obvious that the band members have past in black and death metal, even though the black metal sound is more obvious on earlier material.

The entire album has a weird, creepy feeling and the sound has a certain feel of a Tim Burton animated movie. The songs are mostly mid-paced, rhythmically straight forward, filled with progressive elements. Sometimes the time signatures also takes unnatural  steps, but it’s all part of the fun.

One of the things that really sets this band apart from … well everybody, is the vocals. Bjornars approach is highly theatrical and almost operatic, but he can also scream, in addition to a grim, rasping black metal inspired snarl.

My absolute favourite tracks are The Dead Won’t Mind and A Knife Between Us. The first for it’s catchy melody and weird sing-a-long-feel, and the latter for the hilarity of the lyrics and amazing guitar parts.


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