Onslaught – VI (AFM Records 2013)

Onslaught - VI - album cover

Post comeback Onslaught has been absolutely amazing, with killer thrash metal just pouring out of the speakers. VI is like it’s predecessors, fast, furious and full of great riffs.

It would be my guess that fans of the 80s material won’t like this album either, as the sound and feel of the VI is the same modern thrash sound from Killing Peace and Sounds of Violence, and not the gritty sound of their past. The production is fantastic, I love it. The guitar sound is crisp and clear, the drums are thundering and the bass sounds amazing, but the vocals has had a definite lift from Sounds of Violence. Sy Keeler sounds better than ever, he has an aggression, an energy, that … something undefinable that just makes me want to scream along with him and lose myself in energy of the song.

But somehow the music doesn’t seem to quite make it, it seems somehow weaker than the last albums. Maybe it’s just that too much of a good thing is just that, too much.  It might be time to change it up a bit. Just a little, though. I still really like it, and the album is brimfull of quality thrash metal, but with three album of interchangeable songs, it might be time to change things up a bit.

Most of the song are up-tempo, energy bombs. Lyrical topics include war, violence and religious scepticism. If you like quality thrash, with great riffs and thundering rhythms, then this is for you, blah blah blah. 

Recommended downloads: Children of the Sand, 66’fucking’6, Cruci-Fiction.


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