Bloody Hammers – Spiritual Relics (2013)

Bloody Hammers - Spiritual Relics - album cover


I heard of this band on a metal podcast at friends house, and I just had to hear more.  The  song that got me hooked was on Spiritual Relics, but I couldn’t remember what the song was called, so I bought the entire thing. The band is quite new, formed in 2012, and has already released their second album. I also bought their first album and it’s no way near as good Spiritual Relics, so I’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist.


The one thing that really got my attention was the vocals. I was reminded of the 90’s. I got a Marilyn Manson vibe, and somehow it also reminded me of grunge for some reason.

The production has a sort of basement sound, horror movie basement.


I’m thinking these guys are quite inspired by Black Sabbath, Candlemass and Danzig, because the sound is like a mix of these bands. I’ll explain; the overall sound is reminiscent of the classic Sabbath sound of the 70’s, most of the riffs could easily been penned by Mr. Edling of Candlemass. And the melodies and arrangement seems to be borrowed from the first four Danzig albums.


I read somewhere that they play occult gothic doom metal, and yeah, that pretty much sums up the lyrics. Not particularly clever or creative, but fun.


The album starts of brilliant with a monster of a riff and What’s Haunting You is a great opener. Actually all of the four first songs are dark, brooding and rocking tunes. But halfway through mediocrity sets in, and sadly doesn’t go away for the rest of the album. Maybe an album a year isn’t the best idea for new band? I don’t know. Night of the Long Knives sounds a bit like a high school band recorded it, and is the low point of the album. It’s a shame that the latter part of the album is so bland and boring, because the first part is really great.


rating: 3 / 5



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