Hirax – Immortal Legazy




I’ve never been a big fan of Hirax, but I’ve been following them since they they re-emerged with the El Diablo Negro EP. Katons unique vocal style is something that has always fascinated me.

My major issue with Hirax has always been their sound, it has this basement / D. I. Y. quality to it, which is OK for the old eighties stuff, but now it’s just sounds so dated. High quality recording is not that expensive anymore, and I guess they just like this sound and that’s why they keep it.

None of the songs really stuck out and the album sort blends together, with one major exception. Hellion Rising is just amazing. It’s thrash how thrash is supposed to be. It’s fast, it’s heavy, thundering etc etc. Everything just works, all the parts just comes together in just the right way on this song.

Dated is the word that describes the album best, including the cover that is so cheesy that ManOwar would have been embarrassed to use. I love it, but seriously…

Bottom line, if you like the old Hirax records, you will like this one. The sound just doesn’t work for me.


Recommended downloads: Hellion Rising

Rating: 3/5


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