Overkill – White Devil Armory (Nuclear Blast 2014)

Overkill – White Devil Armory

Overkill has not released a bad record yet, and they keep up their unbelievable streak of high quality thrash on White Devil Armory.

Everything sounds good and Blitz still sounds ferocious. The vocals are one of the benchmarks of Overkills sound, and Bobby Blitz is just as snarling, energetic, angry and high pitched as ever. His style of vocals never leaves any doubt as to which band you are listening to.

Sometime during the nineties Overkill fell in love with sound of groove metal, and infiltrated it into their sound. They have kept bits and pieces of it ever since.Overkill still seem to be able to stay on top of what is new and modern from a production perspective, which mean we get a modern sounding record, but with a groovier, fuller, sounding rhythm section, than say the latest Hatriot or Onslaught album. DD’s powerful bass sound is just as much a staple of Overkills sound as Blitz’ vocals and DD is really thundering on this record.

Derek Tailer and Dave Linsk continue their high quality riffing, with Mr. Linsk’s soloing be as creative, fun and impressive as it has been since joined. In my opinion he one overlooked shredder, I think his stuff far surpasses many of bigger names (like Wilde or Slash) yet he almost never mentioned in a guitar hero sort of way.

My love for Overkill has among other things to do with their ability to belt out this amazing sounding thrash, and still keep some humor and some sing along choruses. Alot of thrash bands get way serious and wouldn’t be caught dead with a smile on their lips, like newer Exodus, Slayer or Megadeth for that matter. Blitz is always smiling and a lot of their lyrics has an undertone of silliness. This sort of lightens the music a little and gives an extra boost for me personally.

White Devil Armory is a clear continuation of the songwriting and feel of The Electric Age, Ironbound and Immortalis. This continuity might be seen as a stagnation, but with the differences in themes, riff styles and speed (and quirkiness) makes for a marked difference between the albums. This record is overall faster than its predecessor. The songs are in generell a bit shorter than on the Electric Age, most coming in at just above four minutes.

If you like the punch and power of speed I would recommend the songs Pig and Armorist. If you’re more into the groovier side of Overkill, I would recommend The Bitter Pill or It’s All Your for the heavier groove. If the rifftatstic side of Overkill that tickles your funnybone than Freedom Ring is for you. Down to the Bone is another that shouldn’t go unmentioned as a high energy, fast, excellent tune.

Just give this album a spin, it’s all good.

Rating: 4/5


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