Storm Warrior – Thunder & Steele

Storm Warrior is just as predictable as ever. The music is fast, riffy (is that a word?) and great guitar playing. There was however one thing that threw me; no long, drawn out, boring as shit, intro. On this record they just blast right into it.

The opener, Thunder & Steel, is amazing. Fast, fun and with great riffs. The fun continues on the next track, Metal Avenger, which has all the hallmarks of Storm Warrior, including the sing along chorus.

Then follow a string of uninspired and run of the mill power metal, right up until song number seven, Die by the Hammer. Suddenly we are back in business with speed, riffs and energy. The album finishes off strong, the seven minute anthem, One Will Survive, and the closer, Servants of Metal, are both great songs.

All in all the album is only medium, when it’s great, it’s great, but the mediocrity of half the album is just too much mediocrity.

Recommended downloads: Thunder & Steel, Metal Avenger, One Will Survive

Rating 3/5


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