Communic – Live 2016

Communic – Live 2016

Communic is perhaps my favorite Norwegian band of all time. Seeing time live for the first time was a truly magnificent experience. I had always been wondering how it would sound live, just thinking about the technical difficulty of most the riffs and the fact the Oddleiv sings while playing these monster riffs. His flawless playing this night left me awestruck.

The sound was … lets just say unique. I began the concert some way in the back. I had decided to keep to the back so that I could really hear what was going on and feel the music. But on noticing that most of the audience was hanging back and that there was room in the front, the temptation and ferocity of the music drove me to the front row.

The band played great, and up close in this little venue you had the sound of the monitors and not the PA, and it actually sounded better up there than it did out on floor. My guess is that Communic play this particular venue quite often, they seemed to be on a first name basis with more than a few of the people in the crowd. The connection between band and audience was great.

The set contained a lot of my personal favorites and they played for about an hour. Like a lot of the others from the crowd, I skipped the main band and just hung out in the bar until we got kicked out. All in all a great experience and a great show.


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