El Caco – 7 (2016, Indie)

El Caco has been around for quite a while now. They had a couple years off, if I’m not mistaken. This is their seventh studio record, and aptly called just 7. They continue both the stoner sound and feel throughout the record. The production is very tight and tidy, everything is clear and it might be their best record sonically. Personally, I prefer a bit grittier sound with kind of music.

The opening tune, Curious, has a massive riff and nice drive that’s keeps the song creeping along, with bobbing heads. Sickness has a kind of childish vocal performance that I kind of don’t like, I usually skip this track. Reach Out has got the thing I like most about this band, and stoner rock in general, there’s a sort of laziness about the song. It’s like the song doesn’t care if anybody’s listening or not, it’s just kind of there, hanging out talking to itself.

In Limbo is the best song of the record, the melody is strong and the main riff is lead heavy and you can’t help but tapping your feet and humming along to, it’s just addictive and will not leave my brain. An absolutely amazing song. This track alone was worth the prize of the full album.

I have one major complaint about the record. It turns into background music to easily. There’s nothing that jumps out at you and demands your attention, nothing that sticks out, In Limbo being the exception. The album is a strong one, and every track on here is a high quality song, but when played has full length album I feel it gets sort of passive in way.

All in all this release is pretty solid. The lack of variation and similarity between songs kind of gets to me. I think Clutch is big influence on these guys, it sure sounds like it at least. I wish the sound was gruffer, the songs could actually stand to be a little longer and with a hook or two, or a surprise every now and again would go along way with me.


Stand out tracks: Curious, In Limbo


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