Sulphur – Omens of Doom (Dark Essens 2016)

Being a Norwegian metalhead, you are kind of bound to be exposed to certain amount of black metal. Personally I rarely find any pleasure in the genre. I’m into melody and understandable vocals. There is a few bands that pull of both of these things, without compromising the brutality. Sulphur is one of those bands.

I must say that I thought this band had split up, since the main songwriter has been busy with Vulture Industries and that nothing has been hard from the band since 2010. I was pleased to hear that the style is pretty much the same now as on Thorns in Existence from 2009.

From the first note you can hear some the similarities between Øyvind Madsens two bands, he has a unique guitar tone and chooses some weird scales and chords when he makes music. This is one of the main reasons Sulphur stands out from the pack of Norwegian black metal. The chord progression, notes and scales are weird, and keeps the music fresh and interesting.

The opening tracks The Force of Our Fall has great lyrics, and an amazing addictive vocal line. The Devils Pyre is the most powerful, and the one with greatest guitar work. The standout track is, without a doubt Alt Svartner. The song is sinister and dark, and at times so so unbelievably heavy.

Recommended tracks: Alt Svartner


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