Destruction – Under Attack (Nuclear Blast 2016)

Destruction is a bastion of german thrash and, in my opinion, the second best of the german big four. Destruction have three wastly different sounding periods, it’s the early material, the 90’s confused experimentation and then the comeback/reunion. The reunion has been going since 2000 and the sound hasn’t changed an inch since then, not even a smidge. Thats sixteen years, three drummers and eight albums with the exact same sound and interchangable songs, that is a lot of songs.

This album falls into the familiar pattern and nothing is new, nothing … except maybe the lyrics. Im really into this style of thrash metal. It might not be original, it might not be that creative, it might be cashing in on old glory, but it still sounds good.

The oping track, Under Attack, has a nice melodic intro, that bursts into a punishing and galloping thrash metal tune. The second track, Generation Nevermore, has that scream along chorus made for live settings. Dethroned is nothing special, and kind of goes by without notice. Getting Used to the Evil has that weird kind of riff that only Sifringer writes, kind of childish, but extremly fast and with a lot of notes.

Elegant Pigs is fun. Stimgatized is one of the better Destruction songs. Nice vocals, quality riff and a good pounding rhythm.

I’ll say this, if you have a Destruction album of the reunion-era, and you just kind of like it, there is no need get this album. It sounds exactly the same as the others. If your fan of this era of Destruction than this is up there with the best of them. I, for one, really love this style and sound, so I’ll listen to it again and again … and again.

Rating: 3,5 / 5

Recommended tracks: Stigmatized. Under Attack, Getting Used to the Evil, Elegant Pigs


One thought on “Destruction – Under Attack (Nuclear Blast 2016)

  1. […] for their great sound and consistent songwriting than they do. Just like the case of Destruction, I prefer the comeback material to the classic records. The songwriting is more mature, the sound […]

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