Vektor – Terminal Redux (Earache 2016)

How talented are these guys? This is some complicated music. There is so much going on, that it’s a bit much for my taste. I really enjoyed Outer Isolation for its creativity and solid songwriting. This time around I’m not, totally, onboard however.


Although this is musically very varied and progressive, the sound doesn’t change at all. The horrible vocals sound horrible throughout the entire thing. The vocals are so bad that I didn’t make it through the entire record the first time I listened to it. The fact that the guitars too has the same shitty sound for most of the album, also casts a dark shadow on the entire thing.


There are probably some good tunes on here, but the sound is gruesome. I just can’t listen to it in its entirety and it ruins the whole experience for me. I think of an album as an entity, it must work together. It should fit together and ebb and flow. So it doesn’t work as an album.


I have listened to the tracks individually and must say that it’s nowhere near as good as Outer Isolation. I enjoy Mountains Above the Sun, amazing guitar work is still amazing, even if it sounds terrible.


I’m not a huge fan of ten minutes plus songs from almost any band, and this certainly goes for Vektor as well.The last track, Recharging the Void, starts off brilliantly, but doesn’t go anywhere and seems endless and repetitive towards the latter part. Cygnus Terminal is the best track of the album, it is laden with riffs. Massively heavy and progressive, and a fun listen.


I’ll mention one more track, Collaps. Why on earth would they put this shit on here? The song is horrible in comparison with the rest of the album. Terminal Redux has more than enough of material, why would you put on a song that is leagues below the standard of the rest of the music. It’s just … horrible and piss poor.


I’ve mixed feeling about this album. I can’t stand the sound and the production. To me the sound is so awful that it makes it impossible to listen to this as an album. On the other hand, as stand alone tracks, I really enjoy the music. Hmmm
Recommended tracks: Cygnus Terminal

Rating: 2,5/5


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