Absolute Steel – Womanizer (Black Lotus 2005)

Absolute Steel was a party metal band from my hometown. I don’t think they did anything much outside of my little hometown. Suddenly they had a record deal, released an album and then a got a deal for a second record, with a slightly larger company, and internationally released and everything.  As far as I know, Black Lotus has gone bust since this release.

Womanizer is an uneven record. It starts off strong with a couple of fun party anthems. High Heels and Fishnet Stockings is a sexy, sleazy song, with a nice sing-along chorus and some great guitarparts. Beerrun really spoke to me in my student days, with a good riff and party lyrics. Too Slow Above is in the same direction, totally sexist lyrics in a Steel Panther sort way, along with Juicy Lucy. Rough Love is a campfire acoustic tune, again with a comedic sexual content.

The album finishes off with two instrumental tracks. It turns out both guitar players are excellent. They have one track each to show off, and they both do it in a brilliant way. But really, two instrumentals? It’s a bit much, isn’t it?


Recommended tracks: High Heels and Fishnet Stockings

Rating: 3/5


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