Dunsmuir – Dunsmuir (Hall of Records, 2016)


I’m not sure if this is a project or new band or what exactly this is. I personally despise the term supergroup, because most of the so called supergroups mostly consists of b-players from b-acts. Or they are long lost players resurfacing. Let’s call it a project and not dwell on this.

All members have been or still are members of some household rock / metal / stoner acts. It’s Neal Fallon of Clutch on Vocals, Dave Bone from The Bad Company on guitar, Brad Davis from Fu Manchu on bass and Vinny Appice of Black Sabbath / Dio fame on the drums. This was apparently a metal side-project put together by Fallon, and I believe he is the main songwriter. At least a lot of the music sound kind of like lighter version of Clutch.

Fallons voice is very prominent on every track. I enjoy his voice, so I don’t mind, but his voice is the voice of Clutch, so I’m thinking about that band every time I listen to this record. The album is densely produced with not a lot of breathing room or space for experimentation or adlibbing. The riffs are mostly of the foottapping variety, without being too memorable.

The riff that I like the best, and is the most addictive, is the intro to the opener Hung on the Rocks. It’s catchy and edgy, and the song is a truly great opening track and overall real heavy stoner song. What Manner of Bliss? Also has this great catchy, hooky feel to it, and the lyrics are fun and memorable.

Church of the Tooth is great, just amazingly forward leaning and laidback all at once, just how I like my stoner music.  Crawling Chaos has a really interesting middle section that sticks in my head and won’t leave.

I’m not to fund of the production of the album, and there is too many lazy and uninteresting songs. A lot of the material seems like fillers, and lacks passion. I’m a big fan of Appices drumming and Fallons voice, and they both come clearly through. This is however not their best work, a few excellent tracks and a few fillers.


Recommended tracks: Church of the Tooth, What Manner of Bliss? Crawling Chaos

Rating: 3,5 / 5


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