Overkill – The Grinding Wheel (Nuclear Blast 2017)

Overkill continue to release consistent quality records. The Grinding Wheel is a solid piece of thrash metal and, in my humble opinion, it has a slight edge over other surviving 80s outfits. The Grinding Wheel is an overall stronger record than For All Kings, Dystopia, Repentless, Hardwired … to Selfdestruct, Under Attack  and Gods of Violence. The only one of my old heroes to come close to Overkill these days are Death Angel, in terms of new music.

All the hallmarks of Overkill are pushed to the front on this record. Blitz is screeching and screaming, Linsk and Tailer sound great, cohesive and blistering; pushing out riff after riff of headbanging / foot tapping intensity. DD is both rumbling and keeping the wall of sound solidly grounded. Lipnicki is solid on the kit. Everything sounds great!

Overkill sound like they’ve got an abundance of energy, where Metallica sound uninspired and Megadeth tired, Slayer bored. Overkill seem to still have the fire burning and some real, honest anger left in their hearts. I could have wished for a bit more diversity and experimentation. Overkill is balancing on the edge becoming their own parody. Just like Kreator, the lack of experimentation is apparent. I feel White Devil Armory had more variation in sound and style, as this record is in your face throughout.

As for the songs, I’m totally into Red, White and Blue as it combines groov, a bit of silliness, gang vocals, thrashing speed and blistering guitars. Overkills energy owes a lot to punk of the late seventies and that inspiration flows to the surface on high energy songs like The Mean  Green Killing Machine and Our Finest Hour.

The main issue with this release is the lack of room to breath or the time to think. But then again, I kind of like that.


Recommended tracks: Red White and Blue, Our Finest Hour, Lets all Go to Hades

Rating: 3,5 / 5


5 thoughts on “Overkill – The Grinding Wheel (Nuclear Blast 2017)

  1. Andrew Marco says:

    I actually haven’t heard of this band before, but I need to check it out now. What would you say are songs that I should check out first?

    • tungmetal says:

      Like an introduction to Overkill, i would check out
      Rotten to the Core from Feel the Fire
      Fatal if Swallowed from Taking Over
      Hallo from the Gutter from Under the Influence
      I Hate from The Years of Deacay
      Bastard Nation from W.F.O.
      Bold Face Pagan Stump from Killing Kind
      Long Time Dyin’ from From the Underground and Below
      80 Cycles from Necroshine
      Devils in the Mist from Immortalis
      Electric Rattlesnake from the Electric Age
      Pig from White Devil Armory

      This will give a good view of the different eras of the band.


  2. Andrew Marco says:

    wow, thanks for the super in-depth list. I need to get on these 🙂

    I was wondering if you were on FB at all? We have an awesome community of music lovers and sharers, would you be interested in sharing your articles with us? Check us out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/musicmoguls/

  3. Andrew Marco says:

    most definitely! If you ever feel like joining a group, check us out 🙂

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