About tungmetal

I’m am your typical example of a failed who musician who still loves the music. I have a honest jobb now, a family, a stationwagen etc etc and I live in the suburbs of a small town in Norway. I no longer have connection to the metal scene in Norway, and basically … I miss it, but you got to do what you got to do.

This is my last desperate hold on the music I love. I have about 1500 albumes, give or take, and I was asked by an old friend in the industry to write a couple of reviews for his online thing. Well, I did, and then I was asked to write a couple of more, and then a couple of more. Now I have started to publish them on my own blogg as well as on RYM and on his site, which shall remain nameless.

If contact is wanted, block off and find me on rym and do it there, if your not on RYM, then shame on you.


One thought on “About tungmetal

  1. Shame on me….anyway:
    SOLANUM RECORDS proudly presents:
    Rusty Pacameker
    CD Album ‘ruins’.
    Release date: 22nd of May 2015
    Mixed and mastered by Markus Stock in the Klangschmiede Studio E.
    A piece of art in Metal Music!
    Please visit http://www.rustypacemaker.com
    Watch and listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyY38T-aYxk
    We love to send Promo Packages!
    If you are interested in receiving such one for your zine please write us your address.
    However, if you prefer digital Promo such as Haulix please let us know and send a proper e-mail address for invitation.
    Thank you!


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