Variuous Artist – Ronnie James Dio: This Was Your Life


Every now and again a tribute album comes along that really catches my eye. Ever since his passing, Dio tributes of various sorts and quality have been floating around, the best by far has been Jorns Song for Ronnie.

The list of contributors should alone be enough to trigger the interest of the hard rock and metal community, and the fact that the profits goes to Dio’s cancer fund should be an extra incentive to go out and buy the disc.

I’ll do a track by track review:

Neon Knights – Anthrax.

Scott Ian hasn’t really put any effort into making a unique cover, and does a blueprint cover. Belladonna vocals are great as always. I expected Anthrax to do Heaven and He’ll, but no matter. Except for the odd butchering of the guitar solo, I like this cover.


The Last in Line – Tenacious D.

This was a bit of a let down, I expected something much more creative and fun from Tenacious D.  In stead you get massive evidence that Jack Black is not a great singer, but just OK.


The Mob Rules – Adrenaline Mob.

Sounds like like the original, but with better production. Bit of a let down from this so called super group.


Rainbow in the Dark – Corey Taylor, Jason Christopher, Christian Martucci, Roy Mayorga, Satchel

I love this track, and Corey Taylor does an impressive job behind the mic. This track is truly a  great cover, it stays true to the original and yet adds a new vibe and energy to the song.


Straight through the Heart –  Halestorm

The best song on this tribute album. There is heavy metal magic present in every aspect of this recording. Lizzy sounds absolutely amazing. Her voice, like Dios, is full of power and honesty, consider me blown away. I’m definitely going to check out more from this band.


Starstruck – Motörhead with Biff Byford

This one is pretty straight forward, Biff sings great and Motörhead play great, without putting much of their sound and style in the mix.


The Temple of the King – Scorpions

I don’t really care for the original Rainbow version, I don’t really care for Scorpions and I don’t really care for this bland and boring cover.


Egypt (The Chains are On) – Doro

Doro has slowed it down and added a lot new elements, and has totally made this her own song. If hadn’t known this to be a Dio song, I would have thought she wrote it herself. And it sounds great and heavy.


Holy Diver – Killswitch Engage

When you receive the honor it is to be the ones to cover Dios signature song on a tribute album filled to the rim with metal gods, you should do a better job than this boring, slightly out of tune, uninspired waste of my time.


Catch the Rainbow – Glenn Hughes, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Scott Warren and Simon Wright

It’s been a long time since I heard Mr. Hughes sound this high. It’s a real interesting group of people who made this laid back, slightly stoned and cool version.


I – Oni Logan, Jimmy Bain, Rowan Robertson and Brian Tichy

This is one of my favorite Sabbath with Dio songs. I have never heard Oni sing before, but he does a stand up job. Robertsons guitar work is impeccable, and the same could be said about the rhythm section. But there is just no magic, like the original has.


Man on the Silver Mountain – Rob Halford, Doug Aldrich, Vinnie Appice, Jeff Pilson and Scott Warren

This collection of metal Gods deliver, never doubt it. Everything sounds good, as it should. Halfrods puts his signature on this song and makes it something special.


Metallica – Ronnie Rising medley (A light in the black / Tarot Woman / Stargazer / Kill the King)

Metallica have way of making their covers sound like a Metallica song, and they do this here as well. The sound of Hetfields voice and Hammetts wah-wah is ever present. I was excited to hear if Ulrich would attempt the drum intro for Stargazer, but he didn’t, no shocker there. This is one of my favourite songs on the album.


Dio – This was your Life

A litle quiet song fram the man himself. Just a piano and Dios magnificent vocals. I am sorry to say that I can see way this wasn’t released before. It’s a run of the mill song, and nothing special really