Kreator – Gods of Violence (Nuclear Blast 2017)

Yet another of the great surviving thrash bands seems to have grown stale. Kreator had a major relaunch of their sound with the release of Violent Revolution in 2001, this sound and style was perfected with the release of Enemy of God in 2005. Every release since then has been made from the same blueprint. Some songs have been excellent, some songs sound too much like previous releases and some songs seem tired. Slowly, but certainly, the lack of originality becomes apparent and the music seems stale and unimaginative.

Enemy of God is one of my desert island records and I’m glad that they stuck to this style of songwriting, but I would still like to see some experimentation and development of sound and songwriting. Gods of Violence contains loads of kick ass tracks; Totalitarian Terror, Hail to the Hordes, World War Now or Lions with Eagle Wings to name my favorites. Oh, the title track is also excellent.

The building blocks of Kreator’s sound that I particularly like are the furiousity of Milles vocals, the technicality of the guitar work; here I should point out Samis excellent soloing and sense of melody. The drumming of Ventor is also a trademark of the band. All of these are present on every single track, but for some reason this album doesn’t sit right with me.

When it comes to it, I think the similarities with previous releases is the thing that I can’t get passed. In a way it doesn’t feel like a new release, I have heard these songs before with slightly different lyrics or arrangements. BUT I  LIKE THE SONGS.

In all honesty this release drives me insane, I like it and it tires me. I recommend: Gods of Violence, Totalitarian Terror and Hail to the Hordes

Rating: 2 of 5 for lack of originality, 4 of 5 for the headbandingness of the tracks, 3,5 of 5 in total?


Kreator – Phantom Antichrist

In my view Kreator has been on a career high ever since Violent Revolution. This line-up with Sami and Geisler to fill up the ranks is the most solid in the bands history. Their masterpiece was, by far, Enemy of God, this album is in the same direction. The songwriting is solid and the mesh of brutality and melody is excellent.

Mille sounds great; his voice has an energy that is very much contagious. It’s one of the important elements of Kreators sound, and one of the things that make them stand out from the pack.

The record opens with a short instrumental, Mars Mantra, before it blasts into the title track. Like the best Kreator songs, the song is massive, fast, exciting and has a killer chorus.  Unfortunately the three tracks that follow lack one or more of the above mentioned elements of a great Kreator song.

Death to the World has a nice main riff, other than that it just passes by unnoticed. I don’t really care fore the next three tracks either. Then the return of greatness comes in the song The Few, The Proud, The Broken.  This track is right on the money for me, it’s not as fast as Kreators typical works, but it’s super heavy and has a real driving momentum, not to forget how the chorus makes me scream my lungs out. The next stand out track is Your Heaven My Hell. The pace is back up and the energy is unbelievable.

The record sounds great. The sound is definitely Kreator, easily recognizable. Every instrument has a clear and distinct tone, the bass sound is unbelievable, out of this world. The one thing that was kind of a bommer about Phantom Antichrist is Ventor. He is usually a loud, busy  drummer. This album has a lot of drumfills, but not nearly as much or as prominent as he usually is. Which I like, and kind of missed.


Recommended download: Phantom Antichrist, The Few, The Proud, The Broke, Your Heaven My Hell