Hatriot – Dawn of the Centurion (2014)


Only a short year after the release of the debut album, Heroes of Origin, the time has come for a second full length album from Zetro and the boys, and I’ll just say it right away: I love it.

My expectations where flying high after the incredible debut, but I had a few doubts as well, mainly because of the short amount of time that had passed. In my experience few bands pull off an album a year. It’s usually followed by a decline in quality and an increase in filler material. Thus, I was hoping for gold, but prepared for shit.

But the Hatriot boys delivered a high quality record, and topped their debut. The opener is just killer, From my Cold Dead Hands is fast and fist-pumping. The Fear Within is a brilliant thrash song, and I just love the riff. Superkillafriblablabala is seriously unserious song, and the lyrics are hilarious. The title track is also recommended for thrashtasticness. In fact, there are no bad songs on the album, a few weaker ones, but still good.

The lack of new thinking is quite obvious though, and the songwriting and the sound is very similar to the debut, except for the bass sound, which has gotten a lot better. All in all, this album is more consistent and is everything I was hoping for.

I guess you have to enjoy Zetro vocals to like this album, because they are the focal point of the music.

There has been some critique about the similarities between Hatriot and Exodus, and how Hatriot is ripping Exodus off. There has been quite some time since Exodus actually sounded like this, in fact the last time was on Tempo of the Damned, when Zetro was still in that band. Exodus has abandoned this sound for a more “hard core-ish” sound. So I would rather say this is what Exodus would sound like if they kept the quality and sound of that particular album up through the years.

Recommended downloads: From My Cold Dead Hands, Fear Within and Dawn of the Centurion


Rating 4 / 5


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