Bulldözer – The Days of Wrath (Roadrunner 1985)

From time to time one happens upon records from artist that been out of commission from ages. I found Bulldözers The Days of Wrath in a flea market, and since it cost next to nothing, I picked it up, brought it home and then forgot about it.  This was three years ago.

I came across a list of European proto black metal bands that apparently were worth checking out earlier this year. I looked through it and saw some familiar stuff, like Mercyful Fate, Venom and (early) Running Wild. The name Bulldözer gave me a pause, I was sure I had seen it before. Using my excellent personal DB I found to my surprise that I actually owned this apparent gem of a record. Putting it on, I have this to say:

Side A reminds me a lot of early Slayer material, but with a Venom-of-the –early-eighties style production. That’s to say the sound quality sucks, but it also has this magic dark, damp basement quality to it. This brings forth a rather creepy, horror movie type of vibe. The music is nothing special. Bland, boring riffs, with vocals that sound like mix between Tom Angelripper and Tom Araya. The A-side is where the speed and aggression in placed, and that is what made me think of Slayer, I guess.

The B-side however starts of in with a couple of mid-paced tunes. And I will call this side the Sodom side. You know when Sodom turn down the speed, they turn up the intensity and anger, and this is what Bulldözer does too on the B-side.  My two favorite tracks on this record are Mad Man and Whisky Time. Proper riffs and grueling intensity, and a spark humor, are fitting descriptions of both these songs. The last two songs are too slow, poorly arranged, too long and booooooring.

When push comes to show (ha ha) I just can’t take the sound of this record. I am too spoiled when it comes to sound quality and can’t handle this basement sound, not for a whole album at least.

Rating 2,5 of 5

Recommended downloads: Mad Man, Whisky Time


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