Exodus – Blood In, Blood Out (Nuclear Blast 2014)

It’s no secret, I’m big fan of Zetro. I just love the intensity of his voice, the squeal and his phrasing is just unbelievable. I’m truly excited to see him back in Exodus, surprised too. He made quite a mess of things the last time, how long will it last this time I wonder?

In my opinion Exodus was on downward slope with Dukes on the microphone. They sounded like a different band, the songs grew longer and more complicated, but the riffs weren’t up to the task. More importantly they lost the sense of humor that was always right underneath the surface. It all got so serious with Dukes.

With Blood in, Blood out it’s almost like the last nine years didn’t happen. The sound and feel of this album is the same as on their masterpiece Tempo of the Damned, which coincidentally was Zetros last album as Exodus’ frontman. The guitar sound is back to Holts classic sound and gone is the horrible high end / modern metal sound, thank God.
Back with a vengeance is Jack Gibsons rumbling, yet precise and punchy,bass sound which was almost gone in favor of the uneven, thin and overdriven sound of the last few records.

Although a lot of things are back in order, some things aren’t up to the level. The riffs and hooks, melodies and arrangements just aren’t where they should. This is not a bad album, not at all, it’s just not Tempo of the Damned. The songs that sticks out are Salt the Wound, Body Harvest, Blood In Blood Out and Honor Killings.

Salt the Wound has perhaps the best riff of the entire album. The drive of the song is amazing and reminds me of the great thrash anthems of the eighties. Kirk Hammett of Metallica has a guest appearance on the song as well, although I personally think the song would be just as good if Lee had done the solo.

Body Harvest features one of my other personal favorite sides of Gary Holts music, the gang-style backing vocals. Nobody does this as well as Exodus, even when they take it too far (Feeding time at the Zoo) it still sounds cool. It also gives a scream along thing that works brilliantly live, and for carscreaming too by the way.

I love the sound of the album, it sounds great in my car, on my iPhone and on my turntable, I think I’m turning into something of a Sneap fanboy, man… everything he touches sounds unbelievable.

Recommended downloads: Body Harvest, Salt the Wound and the title track.


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