Ondt Blod – Finnmark (2015)

I’m doing a short shout out for the Norwegian band Ondt Blod,  a lyrical translation of their name would be Evil Blood, I guess, a better translation might be Bad Blood. Their first full length album was released in the fall of 2015 and it fucking rules! The most apparent comparison is with Kvelertak, as they sing in Norwegian and in the fact that shamelessly flip from genre to genre. Ondt Blod has their roots in more of a punk / hardcore sound, where Kvelertak might be considered more rooted in metal.

The songs are quite short, around three minutes, and filled to the rim with energy and attitude. My personal favorite track is Kompis med Satan (Buddies with Satan) which has a hardcore vibe going from the get go and then suddenly transforms into a doomy gloomy middle section, with some rather ominous vocals.

I also like Symbola (Symbols) which has like almost a boogie woogie part as well as some punk parts and Gjengtegn (gang tags) which mixes a little black metal into the hardcore. This album is just crazy good, absolutely brilliant. It’s just fast, fun, hard hitting, head banging mixture of everything hard, fast and heavy.

Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!


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