Running Wilde – Rapid Foray (Steamhammer 2016)

Rapid Foray this record is miles above the last two releases from Rock n Rolf. The last album was actually piss poor and not worthy of the Running Wild name. This release sees Kasparek play to his strength, easy melodies, hooky choruses, blistering solos and lyrics about historical events, and yes, of course, about pirates too.

The album seems to be a mix between his all of his records. Even though the format has more or less stayed the same throughout his career, some records have been better than others. Some songs stronger, some riffs more memorable. Rapid Foray sees Kasparak pick and choose between some of his best riffs, and repurposing them. He’s kind of ripping himself off in a way.

The Last of the Mohicans is the epic closer and just as with former Running Wild epics is one of the songs that works best. Kasparek is a good storyteller, and when he combines some driving riffs with the longer lyrics, it works for the most part.

The curse of the album is the sense that I’ve heard it all before, many a time I thought “wasn’t this on the such or such album?” Warmongers seems lifted from Pile of Skulls and Black Bart could have been taken from Black Hand Inn. No matter, this album must be viewed as a comeback of sorts.

The fun, speed and quality are back. I hope Rolf will do a better job of keeping the songwriting up, and maybe play a few shows outside of Germany for a change.

Recommended tracks: Rapid Foray, The Last of the Mohicans, The Depth of the Sea – Nautilus

Rating: 3,5/5


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